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Project scope: Ensuite renovation

Interior Design & Styling by YDM Design Studio.

Builder: The Melbourne Chippy

Photographer: Daniela Fulford

The brief for our Eltham ensuite was to create a fresh but timeless design that made the most out of the available space. Although the vanity, toilet and shower were kept in their existing locations, we made a few small changes that had a huge impact. By swapping to a frameless shower screen, this allowed us make the shower as large as possible without it feeling like it was overwhelming the space. We also replaced the window so that it finished a little higher, meaning that the vanity was able to become full depth, and together with the shaving cabinet, gave our clients plenty of storage. The toilet was also swapped to have an in-wall cistern, creating as much space as possible in front of the wall-to-wall vanity.

Green was an obvious choice for our feature wall, with the home being situated in the green hills of Eltham - creating a lovely connection between inside and outside. Although the rest of the ensuite was kept quite neutral, natural textures and patterns allowed us to create a retreat atmosphere for our clients.

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