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10 Luxurious Creature Comforts to add to your Bathroom Renovation

If you're renovating your bathroom and want to make it a luxurious sanctuary that feels like a 5-star hotel or spa, then we've prepared a few ideas for you to consider. These 10 ideas range from small upgrades to truly self-indulgent additions to your bathroom, so there are options for many budgets and requirements,

1 | Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is fantastic for the colder months to help keep you nice and warm. It's also very practical as it can help dry the tiles much quicker and prevent mold build up, particularly if also placed inside the shower.

2 | Heated towel ladders

Similar to above, heated towel ladders are great for colder months - nothing feels more luxurious than a warm towel after a shower or bath!

3 | Smart toilets

With new toilet technologies that include things like a heated seats, bidet functions, automated cleaning, and customizable settings, you can upgrade your toilet experience to be extra luxurious and also very practical!

4 | Steam shower

Enhance your shower experience by adding a steam shower. As the name suggests, this produces warm soothing steam. Not only is a steam shower incredibly relaxing and helps create a spa-like feeling, but it also has great benefits for your skin.

5 | Spa Bath

While having a nice big bath is already incredibly luxurious, you can still take that up to another level by swapping to a spa bath instead. Like a hot tub, spa baths have massaging jets that create lovely bubbling water for the ultimate bath experience.

6 | Sauna

If you have the space and budget, adding a sauna to your bathroom can be an amazing way to take the space to the next level. Not only can saunas be a relaxing way to wind down, but they can also have many health benefits.

7 | Integrated lighting

While it's important to add task lighting where needed, bright overhead lights can really ruin a luxurious bathroom experience. We suggest soft integrated lighting in cabinetry, around mirrors and within niches to create a spa-like feel in your bathroom.

8 | Built-in sound system

If you love listening to music or podcasts while getting ready, a built-in sound system with speakers integrated into the ceiling or walls could be the perfect addition to your space.

9 | TV mirrors

Consider installing a vanity mirror with a built-in television to enjoy your favorite shows or movies while getting ready or while relaxing in the the bath.

10 | Automated controls

If you're a fan of smart technology, you can add home automation systems to control anything from lighting, temperature, music, and window furnishings using voice commands, remotes or smartphone apps.

I hope these ideas have been helpful! If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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