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10 Ways to Elevate your Bathroom Design

If you are looking to renovate and dreaming about having a bathroom that is equal parts functional and luxurious, then you're in the right place. While the materials and finishes that you select can have a huge impact on both functionality and aesthetics, there are also some small changes that you can make to ensure your bathroom feels high end and sophisticated. In this blog post we are exploring 5 things you can do to take your bathroom design to the next level:

1 | Add a pull out bin and/or pull out clothes hamper within the vanity

If you have space within your vanity joinery, a great way to make the bathroom more functional is to integrate a small pull out bin or a pull out clothes hamper within the vanity. This also means you don't have to have a bin and/or hamper on the floor, removing clutter from your bathroom and making it feel more luxurios. Do note that to fit a clothes hamper, you will likely need the vanity to go to the floor rather than being a floating look.

2 | Add a power point inside your shaving cabinet

If you have electric tooth brushes or shavers, we always recommend adding a power point inside the shaving cabinet so you can charge these without cluttering up your vanity benchtop with cables. This also creates more bench space, which is particularly helpful if you have a small vanity.

3 | Add a wall light to both sides of your mirror

Lighting is incredibly important in the bathroom, particularly at the vanity where you are likely to apply make up or shave. We recommend creating even light onto the face by placing a wall light on both sides of your mirror. These lights are often decorative as well, so ensure that the light output will also be sufficient for your needs (eg. an uplight will not throw light in the right direction and a light with a textured glass surface is likely to throw light patterns onto your face).

bathroom vanity design in Polytec Prime Oak with Caesarstone benchtop, and concrete basin. Gun metal tapware and green subway tile feature wall.

4 | Add LED strips to the bottom of the mirror and/or vanity

Following on from the point above, another helpful thing that allows you to have nice even light on your face, is adding an LED strip to the bottom of the shaving cabinet. This will throw light up where you'd normally have shadows, and can be particularly helpful for shaving. We also sometimes like to add an LED strip to the bottom of the vanity, as it makes a great night light. Both of these options also add lovely mood lighting for having a relaxing bath, and making your bathroom feel more sophisticated!

5 | Mitre your tiles

Doing mitred tiles at the niche and/or bath hob edge, instead of a tile trim, will create an elevated and seamless look. A mitred edge is where two tiles meeting at a 90 degree angle, will be cut at 45 degrees, to fit perfectly together. However, it is important to consider how this will look if you select an overly textured tile.

6 | Add a niche or ledge in the shower

Instead of adding a shelf or caddy later on, we always prefer to build one into the shower. This is usually in the form of a niche (which is a shelf within the recess of a wall) or a ledge (which is a half height wall that sits in front of the normal wall, creating a shelf).

White subway tiles laid in vertical stack, with aged brass tapware, in the shower and bath

7 | Tile to the ceiling

If you have 2400mm or 2500mm ceilings, we always recommend tiling to the ceiling with a square set cornice for an elevated and elegant look. However, it is important to note that if your ceiling is higher than 2500mm, it is usually best to tile to the top of the door or window architraves instead.

8 | Tile your shower base

Tiling your shower base instead of using a pre-made base will not only feel more high end but will help your bathroom feel larger as well. We also recommend using a tile insert shower waste, which will blend seamlessly with the shower base.

9 | Add underfloor heating

These past weeks have been freezing here in Melbourne, particularly in the mornings. If you would prefer to enjoy a nice warm bathroom, then underfloor heating is the way to go! You can also get underfloor heating kits that can go into the shower, which is a great way to dry the shower base quicker and avoid any mould.

I hope these ideas have been helpful! If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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