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3 interior design trends we are seeing a lot of this year

I feel like this year is flying by and we are already almost halfway there. In the last few months there are a couple of interior design trends that I keep seeing over and over on social media. Our interiors are becoming more bold and interesting, as we all step away from the neutrals and the white-on-white. While it's sometimes important to consider the resale value of your home when renovating, it's just as important that your home is a reflection of your personality and what you love (if you plan to live in the home for a while - chances are that it will be renovated when bought anyways!). So here are some ideas to get you started:

1 | Scallops and wiggly lines

Scallops and wiggly lines have become a prominent feature in so many interiors that I see. Often it is seen on decor, like a mirror or lamp, but we also see it on joinery a lot! As well as scalloped profiles on the joinery face, we are also seeing these fun shapes are being used used to finish off the front of benchtops and as well as the bottom of joinery doors and fronts of shelves. They add a soft and fun touch, but I do worry that, unlike curves and arches, they may not be here to stay for long!

Scalloped doors by Laminex x Kennedy Nolan
Scalloped doors by Laminex x Kennedy Nolan

2 | Colour drenching

Another trend that has taken over my social media is colour drenching. This is when you design a room to be all in the one colour, and it's usually a fun or bold colour that is used. Imagine a pink bathroom, with pink tiles, pink joinery, a pink basin, a pink painted ceiling and rose gold tapware. I actually love this idea for a powder room - which is always the perfect room to do something bold and fun for guests!

3 | Natural stone

This one is no surprise following the silica concerns and the ban of reconstituted stone earlier in the year. However, while a lot of reconstituted stone suppliers have now come out with no silica options, natural stone use is still on the rise! Of course, natural stone has always been popular, particularly in the more high end homes, but I am seeing so many more people pick natural stone over the new no silica ranges. What I love most about this is that people are stepping away from simple and white, and selecting fun and bold stones that add so much character and interest to spaces. This is definitely a trend that I hope is here to stay!

I hope these ideas have been inspiring! If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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