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5 Fireplace Ideas to Get Ready For Winter

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

If you're considering installing a cosy fireplace as the months start to get colder, there are a few things you need to consider. Firstly, it's important to decide on what type of fireplace you would prefer. The main 3 we use are wood-burning, gas and electric - with wood-burning being the least sustainable and electric being the most sustainable out of the three. Once you have selected a fireplace, it's also important to know the regulations and what is required in terms of the location, installation, hearth, etc. Once all these important details are sorted, it's time for the fun part - making your fireplace a statement! We've put together 5 ideas to get you thinking about ways to add a wow factor to your fireplace design:

1 | Tiles

Whether you've got a freestanding unit, a unit inset into a wall or a traditional style wood-burning fireplace, tiles are always a good way to add character and texture to the space! You can tile a hearth, the inside of a firebox, a raised plinth for a fireplace to sit on, or the whole wall around an inset fireplace. A couple of ideas to consider are;

  • Patterned tiles - these are usually best kept to smaller areas like a hearth

  • Subway tiles - you can make this as subtle or as bold as you want depending on what colour you select and how you lay it (check out our post on 5 ways to lay subway tiles below!)

  • Textured tiles like we've used in our Beaumaris project (image below)

  • Crazy paving or stacked stone is a fantastic way to make a statement if you want to tile a large area or a whole wall

  • Large format stone or concrete look tiles always give a really minimal and luxurious look

Fireplace design, textured cream times, inset fireplace, linen lantern pendant, timber flooring

2 | Natural Stone

Nothing says luxurious like surrounding your fireplace in a gorgeous natural stone slab. There are so many types of natural stones to choose from, so you can go as bold or as subtle as your heart desires. You can use natural stone all around the fireplace like shown below, you can do an entire wall in natural stone or you can keep it minimal and use it just for a hearth, a plinth or the mantel.

Rachel Donath house renovation, fireplace, living area, natural stone

3 | Bricks

Bricks are a classic and timeless way to create interest around your fireplace. If you're upgrading an existing fireplace you may even have bricks already in place! You can choose to keep the bricks in their natural form if they suit your interior, or you can paint over them to make them work with the room while keeping their lovely texture.

Brick walls and plinth with freestanding fireplace and timber cabinetry, timber slat ceiling

4 | Joinery

Not only can installing cabinetry around your fireplace create really gorgeous designs that can tie your fireplace back to other joinery within the home, but it can also add really practical storage! Depending on your selected fireplace, you may be able to insert it within the cabinetry itself, or you can add joinery to one or either side of the fireplace instead.

Green fireplace joinery design, natural stone plinth, timber floorboards

5 | Cladding

Adding cladding around your fireplace can be a simple way to create texture and add colour! We love VJ paneling for it's simple pattern that suits both contemporary and traditional homes. However, if you have a decorative fireplace surround and mantelpiece, you may prefer to pick up some of the details from that to create wall paneling that ties in with it perfectly.

Inset fireplace, navy blue wall cladding, custom 2pac cabinetry

Please note that when designing your fireplace, it's important to ensure that any materials selected comply with the regulations if having it very close to your fireplace. I hope these ideas and tips have been helpful! If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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