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5 mistakes to avoid when planning a bathroom renovation

There is so much to consider when designing a bathroom, and the last thing you want is to have expensive mistakes that make the space difficult to use. Before you start on your renovation journey, we recommend to plan out exactly what you need and how the space will function for you and your family - and our list below will hopefully help you ensure that no mistakes are made:

1 | Not enough storage

Storage is an important part of any bathroom, especially if you have multiple people using the space. We prefer deep drawers on vanities as they give you the best view of all your items so nothing gets lost at the back of a cupboard. Where possible, we also always add a shaving cabinet to give you additional storage at eye-level for easy access.

2 | Not enough bench space

Similar to our point above, if you have multiple people using the bathroom at once, you're going to need a lot of bench space. If you're not able to have a large vanity, consider selecting a basin that is on the smaller side. We also recommend to think about the location of the basin and how you use the space - sometime it works best to have the basin offset to the vanity to create a larger area of bench to one side!

3 | Trying to fit too much

We all want to make the most out of the available space, but it's possible to fit too much into the room. No leaving enough space in front of vanities will make it difficult to open doors/drawers, not leaving enough space around fittings can make them awkward/hard to use and not considering door swings will likely frustrate you as the door hits things when it's open. We recommend to look at the standard sizes before planning your bathroom layout, and we have a post just about that to help you out:

4 | Not enough light

We always recommend to have 3 types of light in every bathroom:

- Ceiling lights that evenly light up the whole bathroom

- Task lighting at the vanity to help with make up or shaving. This could be a wall sconce to either side of mirror/shaving cabinet or an LED strip integrated into the mirror/shaving cabinet itself.

- Natural light through windows / skylights

5 | Not enough power points

There's nothing worse than having to constantly unplug your toothbrush just to dry your hair. We recommend to have a double power point on the wall, one inside your shaving cabinet and one inside a vanity drawer to ensure you're covered for all your electrical needs!

I hope this has been helpful for you! If you are planning to build or renovate and want to get in contact with us, you can do so by filling out the client contact questionnaire below,

Hope you have a wonderful week,

Nina xx

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