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5 must haves to create the perfect home bar

If you love entertaining and having a good glass of wine (or your drink of choice), then a home bar could be the perfect addition to your home. You can make it really grand as part of a dining or living area, or tuck the bar into a nook or within your kitchen cabinetry. Either way, your home bar is a perfect place to go all out and wow your guests! Here are 5 ideas that we think are a must in all home bars:

1 | Storage

Starting with the most obvious part - it would not be a home bar if you didn't have a place to store all your bottles and glasses! It's important to know what you want on display, how you want to display it and what needs to be stored in a wine fridge. Consider the below ideas,

  • Open shelves are great for storing and showing off your favourite bottles and glasses

  • Bottle racks or slots where your bottles slide in horizontally are great for storing lots of bottles in a small space.

  • Racks for wine glasses fit perfectly onto the bottom of open shelves or overhead cupboards and allow you to hang wine glasses upside down - they look great and are very functional.

  • Drawers are perfect for additional glasses, bottles, cocktail shakers, straws, etc.

2 | Benchtop

A sturdy benchtop is a must in every home bar. Depending how much space you have and where the bar is located, the benchtop could just be a working zone or could become a seating area to gather with friends and enjoy your drinks! If space allows, you can also make it even more practical by including a sink so that you don't have to walk to your kitchen to get water or wash anything.

Dulux Orange Squash, home bar, custom joinery, glass shelves, smoked mirror splashback

3 | Doors

Depending where your bar is located and how often you use it, you may want it to be a main feature in the room or you might prefer to hide it away when not in use. Bi-fold or pocket doors are perfect for this, particularly if your bar is in a transit zone as you don't want the door to be in the way when open. Another idea is to add glass doors - this way everything is still on display but your bottles and glasses are safe from dust.

4 | Task Lighting

Being a working zone, it is important that your home bar has enough task lighting. This could be downlights above the bench, LED strips integrated into the joinery or a wall light. Be creative with the light and make it a feature as well as functional. You can use LED strips to light up your bottles and glasses or select a wall light that becomes a focal point.

5 | WOW factor

Your home bar is the perfect spot to create some drama! Even if it is normally hidden behind doors, it's a great place to do something special that is revealed when the doors are open. Think colour and texture - mirror splashbacks, glass shelves, metal features, natural stone, a pop of colour, timber battens, VJ panels, tiles, etc! And don't forget to use light to enhance these features as mentioned in the point above.

I hope these ideas have been helpful! If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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