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5 tiling ideas to help you create a timeless bathroom

At YDM Design Studio we really love creating spaces that stand the test of time. We want our clients to be able to love their homes for years to come without them feeling like a passing trend. There are a few style of tiles that we use often because they help us do just that - create timeless spaces that are still in style years later. And best of all is that these can work for many different styles - from classic to contemporary!

1 | Stone

There is nothing more luxurious than stone in a bathroom. This can be a natural stone or a stone-look porcelain tile. However, if selecting a porcelain tile, consider the texture and the number of pattern repeats so that it looks more realistic. We love using large format tiles to floors and walls in the same tile for a wow factor and to make the space feel larger. There are so many different stones and patterns to choose from as well, so there will be something for you whether you like a simple white marble look, a warm travertine or a busier grey stone.

Modern grey stone look tiles with a freestanding bath tub in a bathroom renovation
Brighton East Residence

2 | Terrazzo

Terrazzo is really popular at the moment, but in truth it never really left in the first place! While terrazzo is a very specific look, the scale of the terrazzo pattern and the colours within them can change the look completely, making it really subtle or really bold - so you can choose the right one to suit your style. As with above, you can go with real terrazzo or select a terrazzo-look tile with a great print and finish. If going with a bolder or really colourful terrazzo pattern, you may consider pairing it with a white wall tile to tone it down.

3 | Subways

Subways are a favourite of mine due to how versatile they are. If you want to go really timeless, nothing can beat a white subway tile laid in brickbond lay. However, between the huge variety in colours and finishes available and all the different ways to lay them, there are endless combinations that you can do to create a look that you love. We've written a blog post all about subway tiles if you want to know more:

Modern grey terrazzo tiles with white subway wall tiles and gun metal shower head in a bathroom renovation
Eltham Ensuite

4 | Penny rounds

Penny rounds are small round mosaic tiles that can be used on walls or floors. Again, a white or black penny round can create a very classic and timeless look, but there many colours and finishes available to suit your particular taste. You can colour match the grout to the tiles for a more subtle look or do a contrasting grout for more of a feature.

5 | Monochrome

If you're not a fan of colours or patterns, a really simple way to create a timeless look with tiles is to stick to a monochrome palette. A darker floor tile with white walls creates a great canvas to feature your tapware, fixtures and fittings. You also use many of the above tile ideas in a monochrome palette - like a dark stone-look floor tile with a white subway or black penny rounds on the floor paired with white penny rounds on the walls.

I hope these ideas have been helpful! If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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