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5 Ways to Create a Family-friendly Kitchen

Updated: Feb 12

There is no doubt that the design of your home can make a huge difference to how you live in the space. And when you're a busy family, having a space that works for you (and not against you) becomes even more important. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, it's a space that the whole family spends a lot of time in. This is why I always put a lot of emphasis on creating kitchens that really work for my clients - and hopefully my 5 tips below can help you create a family friendly space that everyone can enjoy!

1 | Have an appliance cupboard or butler's pantry

Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, a hidden designated spot for appliances will be a life changer. This keeps your appliances away from your main benchtops whilst still being easily accessible. And once you're done, you can shut the doors and hide all that clutter. If you have enough space, a butler's pantry with a benchtop and a door works beautifully. However, a smaller appliance cupboard with pocket doors within the main kitchen also works well!

kitchen pantry black and white modern minimal Caesarstone reconstituted stone benchtop, 2pac Dulux cabinetry joinery, stone splashback

2 | Have an open plan kitchen

Having an open plan design with the kitchen, lounge and dining in one large space is a fantastic way to spent time as a family. Incorporating an island bench that faces the lounge/dining is a also great idea. Not only does this make it even easier to interact with other family members whilst working on the island bench, but having the 2 points of access makes it more functional when you have multiple people helping out in the kitchen.

3 | Create a study nook

A fun idea for a kitchen is to add a study nook where anyone can do work, homework or some online shopping whilst you're cooking. You can also add a blackboard or pinboard to this area as a fun way to keep track of events, or help with meal planning or grocery shopping. If you all have phones, laptops or tablets, you can also add a charging station inside a drawer or cupboard within this area!

4 | Select easy to clean materials

Surfaces that are easy to maintain are a must when you're a busy family. For benchtops, I always suggest to go with a man-made stone, corian or porcelain over a natural stone, which requires a lot more maintenance. For splashback, it is often best to avoid tiles (especially near the cooktop) so wrapping your benchtop up onto the splashback is a great idea. When selecting cabinetry colours and finishes, think about fingerprints, especially on darker colours. There are a few options such a Polytec Venette and Laminex AbsoluteMatte which are fingerprint resistant and really easy to wipe!

5 | Keep appliances away from little fingers

Obviously, it is important to keep things that can be accidentally turned on away from where toddlers can reach. My suggestions for avoiding this includes selecting wall ovens over underbench / freestanding ovens (which will also be a lot kinder on your back!), going with gas cooktops that have the knobs in the side instead of the front, or even better, go with an induction cooktop instead. Having an appliance cupboard or butler's pantry will also help keep small appliances away from little hands as you can just shut the doors when not in use.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you! If you are planning to build or renovate and want to get in contact with us, you can do so by filling out the client contact questionnaire below,

Have a wonderful week,

Nina xx

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