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6 ways to upgrade your entry hallway

Your entry and entry hallway is a space in the home that is often left bare or put at the end of the renovation list. However, as this is the first space that you see walking into the home, it should really make an impact and set the tone for the home! That's why we have put together 6 ideas to help you level up your entry area:

1 | Feature lighting

One easy way to create a wow factor as you walk in is through feature lighting. If you have enough height, pendant lights are a fantastic way to do this. If height is a problem, consider some wall lights or a decorative lamp on an entry console - or even both. If you have art hanging in your entry hallway, adding some spot lights is a really great way to highlight your pieces and create a statement.

2 | Feature the walls

If you're feeling bold, your entry hallway is a great place to go all out with colour and texture. Depending on your style and the space, this could be a great spot to add some bright or dark colours, a fun wallpaper, or some cladding, like a VJ panel, Laminex Surround or wainscotting for a more traditional style home. If a whole wall is too much, you can also keep the hallway neutral and add some bold colour to the front door instead!

3 | Artwork

Your entry is the perfect place to display your favourite art pieces or family photographs. Scale is important so we always recommend large art pieces to really fill your wall and make an impact. If you only have small pieces or photographs, an art gallery wall may be the best way to go!

4 | Mirrors

Wide entries can make any home feel grand and make a great first impression. If your entry is on the smaller side, one way to make it feel more spacious and grand is to add a large mirror. Not only does this reflect the other side of the entry, making it feel twice as big, but the mirror will also bounce light around to make the space feel brighter, and finally it is a great place to check out your outfit on your way out.

5 | Joinery

If you have enough space in your entry, nothing beats some practical joinery - especially if you have kids! Depending on your space, you may not be able to fit everything in, but some of the most popular ideas to include are,

- Seat with shoe storage below

- Bench space for your keys, sunglasses, etc.

- Hanging rail for coats

- Hooks for handbags, hats or scarves

- Open cube storage for easy access to school bags and sporting equipment

6 | Have fun with the floors

If your entry has an area of tiles at the door then goes onto a different flooring type, this could be a great place to have fun with some patterned or colourful tiles. Alternatively, if your entry has a clear separation to the next room and you have timber throughout, you may also consider laying the floors in a herringbone or chevron pattern in your entry only as a statement. Adding a runner is another way to add some fun and interest to your entry, without needing to change the flooring.

I hope these ideas have been helpful! If you want to find out more about selecting the right materials and finishes for your project, you can get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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