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Be the envy of your neighbours with these tips on street appeal

Even if you're not planning to sell, it's never a bad time to consider updating your facade. Your home's street appeal sets the tone for the interior of the home, so if you're taking on a renovation project, it may also be time to refresh the facade. That's why I have put together some tips to help your home make a fantastic first impression:

1 | Paint, paint and more paint

A new colour scheme can really make a huge difference when it comes to your facade, and can add a lot of value to your property. If done right, it really is the easiest way to transform a tired looking facade and make it look fresh again. If you have the budget and the style suits, you can also consider changing / upgrading materials - like replacing old weatherboard or rendering over bricks. For any areas that you won't be painting (like driveways or even your roof), consider getting them pressure washed so they still feel like brand new.

2 | Make the door your focal point

I love having a really clear entrance, not just visually, but also to help people know where to go when visiting your home. There are many ways to achieve this,

  • Paint your door in a contrasting colour. This can be a neutral colour that stands out against the facade (like a black door) or you can go with a colour if you're feeling bold.

  • Don't forget to update your door hardware to suit

  • Add a beautiful wall light and/or house numbers next to your door

  • Add a porch or verandah at the entrance if you don't have one, or paint / tile your existing one to suit the new colour scheme.

  • Have a clear path that leads from the fence to the door or porch/verandah.

3 | Add feature lighting

As well as adding a feature light to your entry way, there are other areas where you can add lights to really improve the facade. Consider the below:

  • On posts or columns, especially if they frame the front door

  • To either side of a large window or garage door, especially if it is further forward from the front door

  • Along the path towards the front door or in the garden to highlight a nice area / plant

You also don't want to overdo it with lights, so it is important to consider which of the above suggestions make the most sense for your facade.

4 | Don't forget the fence and garden

As well as providing privacy and security, a fence that ties into your overall colour scheme can really complete the look of your facade. Likewise, having a neat and well maintained front garden can take your facade to the next level. Greenery always looks good in front of a home, so if you don't have much space for a garden, consider a few well placed potted plants.

5 | Consider the location and the style of your home

It's important that the colours and materials that you choose are all in line with the style of your home and the location it's in. Do a search online for homes that are a similar style, from a similar era, or in the same type of location to see what works and doesn't work. Depending where you live, you may even need to check with your council to see if there are any particular colour requirements.

I hope these ideas and tips have been helpful! If you want to find out more about selecting the right finishes for your project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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