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Hello 2024

We hope everyone's had a safe and exciting New Year!

I just wanted to write a small blog post to welcome in the new year and reflect on the past year as well. 2023 started with a bang, and we were the busiest we have ever been, with new and existing projects. We also had the most amount of projects finishing on site last year after over a year of working on most of them. We loved seeing our designs come to life, but most of all we loved how happy and excited our clients were with their finished homes.

Our branding, logo, social media and website underwent a huge upgrade in 2023 to feel a lot more in line with our values and ethos. A huge thank you to Darby Lyndon who helped us with create our new look and feel. We also updated our services, dividing these into two categories - Design Support services for those wanting to do the work themselves with a little help from us, and Concept-to-Completion services for those wanting us to take the lead to create their dream spaces. This has allowed us to narrow down more on the clients we want to serve and the work we want to focus on. Within our Design Support services, we also created a Bathroom e-Design service and opened up a showroom in our office as an option for 90-minute consultations.

We are so excited about 2024 and continuing to help our clients transform their homes. We have quite a few projects going to site this year and we can't wait to show you all the process and end result. We are so grateful to be able to work with such fantastic clients, architects, builders and suppliers that allow us to do what we love every day. And of course, a huge shout out to our admin and design assistant Kaytie, who is an integral part of the team!

If you'd like to get in touch with us for either our Design Support or Concept-to-Completion services, our books are currently open for late January and February. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch when we are back in the office on the 15th of January.

Hope you have a wonderful week

Nina xx

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