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My top 5 must haves for any Bathroom

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

There are a lot of things to consider when designing a bathroom and lot of different options for tiles, vanities, fixtures and more. Whilst it is important to ensure that the bathroom is aesthetically pleasing and suits your style, it is also equally important that the design is practical and functional. That's why today I wanted to share my top must haves to make any bathroom as practical as possible. And best of all is that all these tips can be applied to any style!

bathroom design, Polytec Tasmanian Oak cabinetry joinery, white handles, white Caeserstone benchtop, white tiles, brass tapware, mirror shaving cabinet, stone tiles

1 | Shaving cabinet

A shaving cabinet is a narrow cupboard with mirror doors that you would normally install above a vanity. I always try to add them wherever I can as they create very practical storage at eye level. Traditionally, shaving cabinets are a square or rectangle shape, however, there are actually a lot more options (particularly if having them custom made) which can suit your desired style. Options include different shaped mirrors such as arched or circular, adding open shelves to the bottom or sides, or integrating lighting into the cabinet. Another thing that I always suggest is to recess the cabinet back into the wall if possible, so that it takes up less space within the room!

2 | Lighting

Lighting is incredibly important in a bathroom, especially in the vanity area where you may be applying make up or shaving. The most important thing is to create even light to avoid shadowing to one area of the face. That's why I always opt for a ceiling light above and a wall light to either side of your mirror. You may also be able to add an LED strip light to the bottom of the mirror or shaving cabinet to create soft light from below.

3 | Power points inside your vanity and shaving cabinet

Whether you are brushing your teeth, drying your hair or shaving your face, a lot of the tools we use in a bathroom will require power. If you are wanting to avoid the tangle of wires and having to unplug one thing to plug something else in, I always suggest to add power points inside the joinery. Adding a power point into the back of your vanity drawers means you can keep your hair drier, straightener, or curler plugged in and out of sight inside the vanity. A power point inside a shaving cabinet is also very handy for electric tooth brushes. You can have these as additional power as well as the normal outlet near your vanity, or keep the point inside the joinery only to create a really clean look.

4 | Shower niche or ledge

If you are able to, I always recommend to add a niche or ledge inside the shower to store all of your shower products in. Whilst niches have been gaining popularity over many years, a lot of people are now opting for ledges for a really clean and contemporary look. Whether you are adding a niche or ledge, it is important to consider the size and height. I always do the bottom of the niche/ledge at 1200mm high as this is a really comfortable height which still allows you to fit your shower mixer below. If you are adding a niche, make sure that it is high enough to fit all your bottles - I generally make them 300mm high. When it comes to the width, the larger the better. A wall to wall niche/ledge (if possible) will create a really luxurious look that also helps to make the space feel larger.

5 | Tiled shower base and tile-insert shower grate

An easy way to make any bathroom feel larger and more luxurious is to go with a tiled shower base over a white polymarble base. Another tip is to also go with a tile-insert shower grate. They come in either a square or rectangular shape, and the tiled section also lifts up for easy cleaning!

I hope my tips and tricks have been helpful! If you want to find out more about how to make your bathroom work for you and your family, get in contact with us using the link below,

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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