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Our top 5 tips for buying new furniture

There's nothing worse than getting an exciting new piece of furniture just to find out that it doesn't fit properly or it's not that comfortable - especially if you've waited months for it to arrive. Furniture pieces are a big investment, so you really want to make sure that they tick all the boxes - and with our top 5 tips to getting it right, you can feel confident with every purchase!

1 | Scale

The first thing you need to do is consider the size and shape of your room. If you're buying large pieces like a sofa or a table, it's vital that they're the right scale for the room. We recommend that you measure and tape out some furniture sizes on the floor to get an understanding of scale and make sure that they're comfortable to walk around and the size looks visually right in that space. Decide on a maximum and minimum size that suits the space then use that when shopping for your pieces!

2 | Functionality

When shopping for furniture, it's important to not get caught up in trends and put functionality first. Consider who will use the space now and in the future. For example, special consideration will need to be taken when selecting fabric if you have or are planning to have children and/or pets in the house. We also always recommend to sit on any chairs, armchairs or couches before you buy them to make sure that you find them comfortable - especially if you or anyone in the family is particularly tall or short. If you have quite small rooms, consider multi-purpose pieces, like ottomans with storage or side tables that can be used as extra stools when you have guests.

3 | Style

It can be overwhelming shopping for new furniture, so it's always helpful to have a style in mind before you go in. We recommend using a site like Pinterest or Instagram to create digital moodboards to take with you when shopping, to make sure you stay on track with your vision. We go through our moodboard making process in one of our blog post that you can read through the link below.

If you're buying one or two new pieces to mix with your existing furniture, it's also vital that they all work well together. We recommend getting fabric swatches of any upholstered furniture to view in your home with all your other pieces. This is helpful even if you're getting all new furniture for your home, as you still need to make sure they work with the existing flooring, paint and/or window furnishings.

4 | Quality

Even if a piece is the right scale, comfortable and the right style, it's not going to be a good investment if it starts falling apart within a year. When viewing the pieces in person, consider what they are made from (is this a solid wood or a laminate?) and how it's made. We also recommend to research the company and look at product reviews online to make sure you're buying pieces that will last.

5 | Lead times

Always ask about what is in stock and what the lead times are for pieces that aren't, as they can often take months to arrive. If you're needing something by a particular time, we recommend to start researching and looking for pieces at least 6 months before you need it just in case of any lead times and delays!

We hope these tips have been helpful! If you are looking to build or renovate and would like some help, you can get in contact with us using the link below:

Have a wonderful week,

Nina xx

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