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What you get when you work with us to design your home renovation or new build project

A lot of our clients tend to be families who are renovating or building for the first time, so it's no surprise that one of the first things they ask about is our process. While we have already put together a blog post about our overall design process (see link below to read it), I wanted to write another post more specifically about the main documents that our clients can expect to receive when working with us on our full interior design package. While every project and scope of work is slightly different, we have a tried-and-true process that works well for us and our clients, so keep reading to find out more!

1 | Concept Presentation

The concept presentation is the first set of documentation that is sent to the client following our initial meeting. During this initial meeting we will measure your spaces (if needed), discuss your answers to our on-boarding questionnaire and go through your needs and wants. All this information is used in the concept presentation to start putting together a design. The concept presentation can include a floorplan review, moodboards and coloured elevations. Depending on the size of the project, you may get all of these in the first concept presentation document, or we may build on this document over time.

Floorplan review: using our check measure dimensions, we put together 1-3 options of how the space can be used to achieve the best results for your needs.

floorplan review, interior design, architecture drawings, kitchen design, kitchen layout, spatial design

Moodboard for each room: these will show images of the overall aesthetics as well as the specific materials, finishes and fixtures we recommend for the space.

ensuite and walk in robe interior design, moodboard, materials and finishes board, blue subway tiles, chrome tapware, grey tiles

Coloured elevations: these annotated images are mainly used to show joinery design

Bathroom and European Laundry design, Polytec Tasmanian Oak laminate custom joinery cabinetry, terrazzo look tiles

2 | 3D Renders

Once the concept presentation is finalised, we will have an on-site samples meeting (as well as other supplier meetings as required) where you will be able to see and feel most of the materials, finishes and fixtures proposed. We also often have an electrical meeting at this stage so we can finalise all your lights. Once all these are approved, we will put together rendered 3D images with the selected finishes and fixtures so you can see exactly what your new spaces will look like. If we're designing a whole house renovation or new build, we may provide you with a rendered walk-through video of the whole house instead of rendered images of specific rooms.

Laundry render design, grey tiles, white square splashback tiles, 2pac white joinery cabinetry

3 | Finishes Schedule

Once the 3D renders are approved and there are no more changes to the design, we will put together a finishes schedule. This is a spreadsheet showing you every single product, material, finish and fixture that we are proposing for the project, including pricing. Not only is this document helpful for our clients to understand what is going into their home and what this will cost, but it is also a very important document to give your builder to be able to quote the project as accurately as possible.

interior design finishes schedule, YDM Design Studio, tiles

4 | Plans

The final step is for us to create plans for site for your builder and trades to use as a guide when building or renovating your new spaces. These are very detailed with a lot of annotations and dimensions so that there is no doubts regarding our design intent. They can include floorplans, electrical plans and elevations of every room.

kitchen contruction plans

We hope that this has been helpful and given you an insight into what to expect when you work with us. If you would like to discuss how we can work together on your new build or renovation project, get in touch with us below:

Have wonderful week!

Nina xx

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