Whether you are building or renovating, getting the floorplan right is one of the most important parts. In our Floorplan Review Package, we can give you advice and suggestions early in the design process to ensure you are making the most of your spaces. Some of the things that we can help you with include,

  • Making the most of your available space.
  • Ensuring your home is as practical and functional as possible to suit your family.
  • Overall Bathroom and Kitchen layouts.
  • Where and how to place joinery and/or furniture.
  • Where to add feature lighting, artwork or feature walls.
  • Answer any interiors related question that may affect the floorplan.


This package includes:

- Advice and suggestions to improve your existing or proposed floorplans to suit your needs.

- 1 consultation of up to 2hrs to discuss the suggested changes, where you are also welcome to ask questions. This can be done in-person or through Zoom.


Please note:

- Once your Floorplan Review has been paid, you will receive an email with instructions on your next steps. Your completed questionnaire and a floorplan must be submitted before our consultation meeting can be booked in. Floorplans must be drawn digitally and to scale. We recommend to submitt plans drawn by an architect, building designer or draftsman. However, we can work from real estate floorplans if needed, as long as they have room dimensions on them.


- This does not include any documentation, including the delivery of construction plans or schedules.


- YDM Design Studio cannot advise on structural changes. All suggested changes to walls/doors/windows must be confirmed by an architect or structural engineer, at your own time and expense. If you are hoping to make a number of structural changes to an existing property, we advise contacting an engineer prior to our floorplan review to advise on locations of load bearing walls.


- Consultations at the client’s home are only available if the Victorian COVID-19 restrictions on the day of the appointment allow visitors into the home. If no visitors are allowed, your appointment will be changed to a Zoom call or rescheduled to a later date.


- Our floorplan review package includes a meeting at the client's home if located within the Eastern Suburbs, South-Eastern Suburbs, Bay Area, Melbourne, Yarra Valley and Northern Suburbs. In-home meetings may be available outside the above-mentioned areas, however, they will incur an additional travel fee. If you live outside these areas, please contact me prior to purchasing your floorplan review package.


If you have any questions, you can email me at info@ydmdesignstudio.com

Floorplan Review Package