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Design Support  Consultations

Who is this for?


Our Design Support Consultation service is perfect for those looking to take more of a DIY approach to their renovation project or those who want to be fully in control of the design process with a little help from a professional. These consultations are designed to support you where you need it and can cover multiple options and be used through different design stages to suit all types of projects. We’re here to provide you with honest and professional advice to help you overcome any hurdles that you may be facing during your home renovation.

What's included?

A consultation can be used to discuss and confirm a large variety of issues and questions. We can go over your floorplans, joinery drawings, finishes and fixtures and any on-site issues. 

We can help create clarity with:

  • Selecting finishes and fixtures that not only suit your style but also your lifestyle.

  • Helping you keep within budget without compromising the aesthetics and functionality

  • Making the most of your available space.

  • Ensuring your home is as practical and functional as possible to suit your family.

  • Overall Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen layouts and joinery design.

  • Where and how to place additional joinery and/or furniture.

  • Where to add feature lighting, artwork or feature walls.

As well as the consultation, you will receive an email listing any specific information, suppliers, or products that we've recommended (note this is not a full summary of the meeting), as well as, access to us via email for 48 hrs to answer any further questions you might have.

Consultations are available online, at our office, on site or at a supplier's showroom.

custom interior design materials board including timber joinery, handles, and green kitkat feature tile

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Client Testimonials

"We were so happy with our consultation with Nina. She was very efficient in her communication and was able to work with the time that we had available to meet as it was limited. We went through all our ideas and thoughts, selections we had already, and worked through them with Nina to create a house/home we are going to love. She listened to our ideas, and gave us great advice which helped us so much with our choices as we were getting really overwhelmed with it all. We knew the style & colours we liked, but felt stuck with it all and not 100% certain of all our ideas. She guided us on the right track which we are so happy about and now really excited about our build. Nina was professional in all aspects of the consultation and we cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you! "

- Anita, 90min Consultation

"Nina was a great help in finalising our colour selections for our new house. She offered a few solutions I hadn't thought of and her product knowledge was amazing, which was very reassuring! Definitely appreciated :)"

- Tessa, 90min Consultation

"Nina was very quick to respond to my enquiry and provided great advice and designs that have enabled me to move forward with my renovation. Nina listened to my ideas and also came up with suggestions that I hadn’t thought of. I would highly recommend Nina and YDM Design Studio for their prompt, helpful and professional service."

- Rosa, 90min Consultation

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