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New builds and renovations wouldn't be possible without the work of architects, designers, builders and many trades to bring all the ideas together and make them reality. We believe that seamless collaboration between these different professionals is paramount to a successful renovation or new build project. That's why we are looking to collaborate with other industry professionals to help them offer a complete package to their clients. See below what a collaboration could do for you.

​​Builders and Carpenters

We can offer interior design services to your clients including concept design, 3D drawings, finishes schedules, and plans. This takes the stress off you and your client to design, select and source fittings, fixtures and finishes. We can also give your clients peace of mind by allowing them to see exactly what their new spaces will look like before construction begins. Collaborating directly with a designer also means that the process from design to construction is seamless. We can provide you with schedules and working drawings, as well as being there to answer any questions or help resolve any design issues during construction.

Architects and Building Designers

If you are not offering interior design as a part of your renovation, extension or new build design services, then you may want to consider working together with an interior designer to offer this as an option. Many clients are interested in a full design package so that they can be assured that everything will work together perfectly.

Cabinet Makers

We are able to offer cabinet makers 3D rendering and/or support with design. Our 3D rendered drawings can show your clients exactly what their new joinery will look like so that they can feel confident with every decision.

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