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5 cabinetry tips to help you create the perfect Laundry

A well-designed laundry room is vital to ensure your laundry experience is highly efficient and you are not spending more time than needed in there. While we have previously written blog posts about our Laundry must haves and our favourite Laundry mechanisms, this blog post is all about five seemingly small cabinetry tips that can really elevate your laundry room's design and make the space even more functional for you.

White on white custom laundry joinery with black handles, black sink and black mixer

1 | Laundry bench

Although 600mm is the standard depth of a bench, we recommend increasing that to 650-700mm in your Laundry. This is to ensure that the washing machine and dryer, any cables and hoses behind them, sit nicely within the depth of the bench depth. It's also important that the bench height is correct, to ensure it is comfortable for folding and sorting laundry. The standard is 900mm high, but you may want to make it slightly lower or higher depending on your height.

2 | Appliance doors

Because laundries are generally smaller than kitchens, your appliances are likely to sit right next to each other. Pay attention to which way your appliances open, particularly your washing machine and dryer to ensure they don't open into each other. If you have a pull out hamper right next to your washing machine, it's also important that the washing machine door doesn't open onto the hamper so that you can comfortably have them both open at the same time.

3 | Hide the appliance taps and power points

Placing the washing machine taps and the washing machine / dryer power points behind the appliances makes them hard to reach and placing them above the appliance looks cheap. Instead place your taps and power point within the cabinet right next to the appliances and ask your cabinet maker to drill a hole into the side so you can pass the cables and hose through there. This makes them easy to reach while keeping them out of sight.

4 | Hide the vacuum cleaner

If you have a stick vacuum (or anything else that is rechargeable), we recommend adding a power point to the inside of your broom cupboard to charge this out of sight. If you have a robot vacuum, you may which to create a small cupboard for this, so you can leave the door open to let the vacuum out and in, then close it when you want to hide it.

5 | Ventilation

It's vital that your laundry has good ventilation, particularly if you use a dryer or you want to hang your clothes within the room to dry. I would recommend natural ventilation like a window or door with a flyscreen, as well as mechanical ventilation like an exhaust fan. If you have a drying cupboard, ensure you have an exhaust fan within the cupboard as well.

I hope these ideas have been helpful! If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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