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5 ways to add the most value to your bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovations are big investments. If you're not planning to live there for a long time or you're renovating to sell, you'll want to consider how much the renovation can add to the resale value of the home. It's therefore a good idea to prioritise the things that can boost the value of your home over things that may sound exciting but don't add much in the long run (like a spa bath or a steam shower). We've put together a list of the 5 things that we believe can make the biggest difference in a bathroom renovation and can therefore help boost the value of the home the most:

1 | Add as much storage as possible

When selecting or designing your vanity, it's important to think 'functionality over aesthetics' and add as many drawers and cupboards as possible. Unless there are a lot of bedrooms sharing the one bathroom or you can fit at least an 1800mm long vanity, we also prefer to prioritise benchtop space over a second basin. Don't forget about eye level storage and opt for a shaving cabinet over a standard mirror.

2 | Include a bath tub

To attract young families, it's important that at least one bathroom in the home has a bath. As luxurious as a walk in shower can be, we don't recommend swapping your only bath for a larger shower. If space is tight, you may need to consider a shower over a bath, but if space allows, it's always best to keep the bath and shower separate. Even if another room has a shower, a bath in any bathroom can be a luxurious addition if there is enough space for it.

Modern bathroom renovation, large format tiles, herringbone subway tiles, freestanding bath
Brighton Residence

3 | Add natural and artificial light

Nothing makes a bathroom less welcoming than a dark and gloomy atmosphere. We recommend large windows for natural light as well as strategically placed ambient and task lights. Ambient lights are your main ceiling lights, which should evenly light the room, like LED downlights. Task lights are concentrated over 'work spaces' to create really good visibility, like a wall sconce above a vanity. If you'd like to read more about the different types of lights for your bathroom renovation, you can check out our "Light up your bathroom" blog post below.

4 | Tile as much as possible

Floor to ceiling tiling not only looks really high end and luxurious, but also makes maintaining the bathroom a lot easier. If it's not possible to tile all the walls floor to ceiling, we recommend at least tiling all non-essential walls to 1200 or 1500mm and/or tiling at least the wall with the most fixtures on it to the ceiling.

5 | Make it spacious

Cramped spaces can make even the most modern of bathrooms feel dated. Make sure you are leaving enough space around all the doors, drawers, fixtures and fittings to make everything comfortable to use. If possible, it may even be worth investing a little more to extend a very small bathroom to make it more usable. You can also select specific fittings and fixtures to help the space feel larger - like toilets with in-wall cisterns and frameless shower screens. We have a post all about this which you can read below:

I hope these tips have been helpful! If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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