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Light up your bathroom

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Lighting is often one of the last things that people select when designing their bathrooms but it is one of the most important aspects. If you've read our 'things to consider when selecting light fixtures ' blog post (link below), then you'll know that light can be divided into 3 categories: ambient, accent and decorative lighting. Every bathroom should have a combination of at least ambient and accent lighting to be as functional as possible. We have therefore used these 3 categories to give you some ideas on how to best light up your bathroom.

Ambient Lighting

Your main ceiling lights, which should evenly light the room.

1 | LED Downlights

These days, LED downlights are the most common way to light any space and the bathroom is no different. The main goal here is to ensure that the downlights are placed in a way that allows the light to overlap slightly so that it creates even light and minimal shadows.

2 | Pendant

If you have a more traditional style home with high ceilings, you might opt for a pendant light in the centre over downlights. It's easy to get carried away with selecting gorgeous fittings for your room, but it's important that you ensure that the pendant and globe selected are suitable to light up the whole room. We usually place pendants at around 2200mm high so that it's high enough to miss anyone walking under.

3 | Heat Lamp

If you live somewhere that gets cold, a 3-in-1 unit with a heat lamp, LED downlights and an exhaust is a great option. It's important to ensure that the unit is large enough for the size of the room so that all 3 parts work well individually, without you needing to have the heat lamp on to see or a separate exhaust to get all the steam out!

Accent Lighting

Light concentrated over 'work spaces' to create really good visibility.

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1 | Vanity Light

Vanity lights, like wall sconces, are a fantastic option for any bathroom. It provides very practical light for shaving or applying make up, while also being a decorative item that enhances the look of the space. In order for it to be practical, it's important to ensure that the light is even on the face. We therefore recommend to add a wall light to either side of the mirror at around face level if possible.

2 | LED Strips

I also love using LED strips to the underside of shaving cabinets to remove shadows on the face from below. You will likely have your ambient light shining from above, so removing shadows created to the underside of your face can be really helpful for applying make up and shaving! Similarly, you can use LED strips right around shaving cabinets or mirrors to create even light all around your face, instead of using a wall sconce. As well as being very practical, this also has the added advantage of being a great 'night light' - especially if connected to a sensor!

Decorative Lighting

Main purpose is to help create an aesthetic, feeling or mood.

1 | Bath Lights

If you're partial to coming home from work to a long relaxing bath, then a gorgeous decorative light near the bath to provide a nice soft glow as you soak the day away is perfect for you! Keep in mind that lights cannot be placed too close to a water source, so if you have lower ceilings, you may be limited when it comes to pendants.

2 | LED Strips in Niches

If you have a niche in your shower or over your bath, you may consider adding an LED strip inside to create a statement. Similar to my point around the LED strips to shaving cabinets, you may even choose to use this as a 'night light' and connect it to a sensor.

I hope these tips have been helpful! If you want to find out more about designing the perfect bathroom for your needs, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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