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6 Timeless Kitchen Colour Schemes to Consider

While every kitchen we design is completely tailored to the client's needs and preferences, there are a few colour combinations that constantly come up due to how timeless they are. There are so many different ways to design a kitchen based on the these colour combinations, that you have probably seen them all many many times! If you are about to renovate or build and you are unsure where to start with your kitchen design, one of these 6 options is a fantastic starting point:

1 | Monochrome

A combination of white, black and/or grey can create a striking and bold kitchen design. Unlike many of the other colour combinations, a monochromatic colour scheme is usually characterised by it's high contrast. We recommend pairing whites and light greys with black to create focal points and interest. A monochromatic scheme can work for modern, industrial and classic style kitchens.

Custom kitchen design, 2pac joinery with Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo benchtops
Brighton East Kitchen

2 | White on white

While it may sound a bit boring, white on white is a very popular choice for kitchens. White kitchens can make a space feel bright and airy, so they are great for small spaces or rooms without much natural light. A white on white kitchen can suit both a modern and classic style kitchen and they can look quite high end without much effort. They also match well with a lot of colours so your kitchen will not clash with artwork or furniture near it. You can use darker flooring, appliances and/or select interesting tapware and handles to enhance a white on white kitchen. However, one of the most important things is to ensure that all the different white finishes selected have the same undertone - you wouldn't want to put a warm white benchtop with cool white cabinetry!

Custom kitchen design, 2pac joinery with timber feature shelves and porcelain benchtops benchtops
Caulfield North Kitchen

3 | Dark and Moody

If you're after something a bit more bold, a dark kitchen can create quite a wow factor. You don't have to go all black to create a dark and moody kitchen either - you may choose dark timbers, dark greys or even dark greens and blues instead. One important thing to consider when selecting darker colours for your cabinetry is fingerprints, as darker colours tend to show more fingerprints that lighter tones. You may prefer to have handles instead of fingerpulls or select a fingerprint resistant cabinetry finish like the Laminex Absolutte Matt or the Polytec Venette ranges.

Custom kitchen design, Polytec timber joinery with natural stone benchtops
3D render of upcoming Eltham Kitchen project

4 | Mid-tone Neutrals

For a soft and calming colour scheme, you can consider keeping it neutral with beige, taupe, greige or gray tones. Once you select a neutral tone that you like, make sure that all the different finishes have the same undertone - for example, don't pair a cool grey with a warm beige. Like the white on white colour scheme, a neutral kitchen can be enhanced by your choice of flooring, appliances, tapware and handles. Adding texture through the splashback or cabinetry profile is also a great way to add more interest to a neutral kitchen.

Custom kitchen design, Laminex Sarsan Grey joinery with Caesarstone Alpine Mist benchtops
Beaumaris Kitchen

5 | Timber + Neutral

Timber and timber-look cabinetry adds a lovely warmth and cosiness to kitchens. You can do all cabinetry in timber with a different benchtop and splashback or you can feature only one area of your kitchen cabinetry in timber, like an island or your overheads. The colour that best works for benchtops, splashbacks and other cabinetry will depend on the exact timber shade you select, however, neutral tones like white, black, creams and greys should work with most timber tones.

Custom kitchen design, Polytec Tasmanian Oak joinery with Quantum Quartz Turino benchtops and white subway splashback
Collingwood Kitchen

6 | Colour + Neutral

If you're not afraid of a little colour, then the kitchen could be the perfect place to add this. Like with the timber colour scheme, you may choose to have all cabinetry in your selected colour or choose one area to feature only. The most popular colours that stand the test of time are navy blue and sage green. Like with the timber scheme again, neutral tones such as white, black, creams and greys usually pair nicely with a bold colour!

Custom kitchen design, 2pac joinery with natural stone benchtops and white subway splashback
Belgrave Kitchen

I hope these ideas have been helpful! If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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