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Are these 5 concerns stopping you from taking on a renovation project?

I want to start this blog by admitting that what I am about to say is going to be quite biased. A renovation project is a big investment of money, time and energy so it is natural that anyone undertaking one would have some fears, concerns and doubts. In this post I will be going through the main concerns that I see clients have when it comes to taking on a renovation project - and I will be explaining how these can be avoided (or at leased reduced) by working with an interior designer. Your interior designer is there to make your life easier, our job is to take you through an enjoyable journey of designing your new spaces and leave you with a home that not only looks amazing but functions perfectly for your lifestyle.

YDM Design Studio designer Nina Di Marco working on a renovation project

Concern 1 | Making mistakes

Mistakes can be costly and frustrating, particularly if you only realise once the renovation is complete. They can be anything from not allowing enough power points where you need it to not having enough clearance in front of the vanity or forgetting to include a pull out bin in the kitchen. An interior designer who specialises in renovations will know all the clearances, tricks, and tips, and will ask questions based on your lifestyle to ensure that the end result is perfectly suited to your needs.

Concern 2 | Budget blow-out

Most people will only have limited funds to spend on a renovation, so it's important to ensure decisions made allow you to stay within budget. It's important to set a budget and be upfront with it when talking to your team, whether that is a builder, cabinet maker or your designer. When working with an interior designer, your budget will determine what sort of options they show you. They will also understand what areas are best to compromise on in order to spend a bit more somewhere else, so that you make the best of the budget.

Concern 3 | Overwhelmed by options and decisions

Even if you're only renovating a bathroom, there are so many decisions to be made - What finishes will your tapware be? What style tiles? What colour grout? Freestanding or hob bath? It can feel completely overwhelming making all these decisions, particularly if you don't even know exactly what needs to be selected. An interior designer with experience in bathroom renovations will know exactly what needs to be selected, what the best options are and help you make all these decisions. Our true and tested concept design process allows us to go through a design step by step so that we ensure all decisions are made without overwhelming our clients.

Concern 4 | Doubting your vision

If you've been collecting lots of inspiration images and samples but feel like they don't really work together or don't work with the rest of the home, then an interior designer's eye can make all the difference. We can use the things you love from different styles and the home itself to put together a cohesive scheme that you will love. To help clients feel confident with their decisions, we also supply them with 3D rendered images that show them exactly what the spaces will look like - so there is no doubt!

Concern 5 | Limited time

If you have a busy lifestyle with work, family and social commitments and staying healthy, then you will likely not have the time or energy to research and select all of the materials, finishes, fixtures and joinery that are needed to complete a renovation. The last thing you want is to rush these decisions or make them last minute as this can lead to mistakes. Engaging an interior designer means that they take all that work from you and show you only the best options, packaged up beautifully in a way that makes it easy for you to absorb the information. The options they show you are based on your project and personal needs, so you know that you are not missing out on anything.

I hope these have been helpful! If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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