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My simple 3-step process to finding your design aesthetic

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Finding your style and deciding on your design aesthetic is usually the most enjoyable part of planning a new build or renovation, but it can also be overwhelming. If you don’t know where to start, I've got you covered! This is my simple 3 step process to help you work out your style stress-free:

1 | Collect images

The first step is to start creating a collection of images that you like and feel drawn to. I usually do this on Pinterest or Instagram, but you can use Houzz, blogs, or even physical magazines. Try not to overthink this too much, and just go with your gut instinct!

If you are feeling unsure or overwhelmed or don't know what you like, you can also start with what you don't like. Sometimes collecting images of what you don't like is easier and can help you to start to generate ideas of what you do like. If you are taking this approach, make sure you use the ideas created by your 'don't like' collection to start a collection of images you do like.

You can put all images together or separate them into specific groups. For example, when designing a bathroom, I sometimes create separate folders for 'vanities', 'shaving cabinets', 'tiling', etc. like in the image below.

pinterest board, storage joinery, finishes, fixtures, fittings, shaving cabinets, tiles

2 | Look at all of your images together

Once you have around 10-30 images, you need to view them all together. A general story or theme should start to appear, so the next step is to write down all the common themes you see. For example, if 8 of 10 images have grey tiles, note down ‘grey tiles’, if you see a lot of timber note that down!

Common themes can be broad, like 'timber', or can be specific, like 'white subway splashback'. I would recommend to have a combination of broad and more specific themes to give you a really clear direction without narrowing down your ideas too much at this early stage.

3 | Search for those common themes

Now that you have an idea of the overall themes that you like, you need to do a search of those words - just search ‘grey tiles’ or ‘timber’ and see what comes up. If you are still loving all the images you see within the theme, then you know that works for you! And if not, then go back and look at what else those images have in common then do a search for that instead.

Don't forget to keep adding to your collection at this stage as well if you see images that you really like. Every time you add 10 or so more images, I also recommend to go back to step 2. Look at all the new images together with the older images to see if you are still on the same track, or if you notice any new or different common themes come together!

materials colours board, natural stone tiles, terrazzo, pink concrete basin, Dulux paint samples, timber flooring

Additional tip:

Something that I always find very important is to try to avoid trends. With shows like The Block, it can be hard not to get caught up in what is popular at the moment - but you don't want to create a home that reflects the current trends more than it does your personality and individual style. This is something that is good to keep in mind whilst you are working through the steps. Ask yourself, "do I like this because I see it everywhere or will I still like it in 5 years?" To avoid seeing the same styles and trends over and over, it can also be helpful to use different websites, blogs and magazines to put together your collection of images.

I hope my tips have been helpful! If you want to find out more about how to design a home that perfectly reflects you and your design style, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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