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My thoughts on the Dulux colour forecast for 2023

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Dulux have recently released their colour forecast for 2023, which includes 3 palettes called Balance, Connect and Revive. The palettes aim to move away from a neutral interior in a post-pandemic home where we are all seeking a bit more balance, connection and escape. The three palettes are very different, allowing options for different needs and preferences - meaning there is something there for everyone!

Continue reading to find out my thoughts on the three palettes:


Dulux 2023 Colour Forecast Balance

What Dulux said:

"With so much uncertainty and loss of control, there is a need to restore the balance and a sense of calm in our lives. In a post-pandemic world, some of us are needing the reassurance of rules and parameters. Beauty that is underpinned by structure reassures us. The allure of the ocean and its untapped potential draws us in and allows its calming effect to wash over us.

Elegant and refined, the harmonious lines of waves and the movement of the sea inspire colour and pattern in our interiors."

My thoughts:

Balance is a rich palette that is very soothing and cosy. This palette works really well to create a luxe and sophisticated interior that suits both a traditional or contemporary style home. The darker colours (Starfish, Sea Kelp and Domino) would work beautifully for larger pieces of furniture, particularly couches in a luxurious velvet fabric. I also think those richer colours would work really well for bold feature walls or cabinetry - we actually used Domino throughout our Brighton East project (link below). The mid-tone and lighter colours work well to balance out the darker tones, and would work beautifully for decor and artwork.


Dulux 2023 Colour Forecast Connect

What Dulux said:

"A home with a connection to the outdoors has become vital to our wellbeing. Technology has provided us with a new freedom; we no longer need to live in the cities and the suburbs to work – allowing the move to rural settings where we can reconnect with nature. We look for sustainability, authenticity and meaning in the items we choose to connect to and surround ourselves with at home. Decor has a raw beauty featuring imperfections to honour the process of making."

My thoughts

These autumn and nature inspired colours are so cosy and warm! They are the perfect shades to create a welcoming space for relaxing and for gathering with friends and family. I think these would also be perfect for a country, mid-century modern, or boho style interior. This palette pairs well with organic forms and shapes, as well as textured natural materials like timber, stone, rattan and ceramics. These colours are fantastic for layering, and can all be used for walls, furniture or smaller decor pieces without clashing with each other.


Dulux 2023 Colour Forecast Revive

What Dulux said:

"The Revive palette is creative and joyful, featuring soft blue and lilac used alongside vibrant emerald green, warm yellow and accents of playful pink and purple. With a need to feel secure and empowered we unleash our creativity and set ourselves free from regulations.

Our individual style emerges as we reject past constraints, resulting in a joyful collision of colour and pattern. The freedom of the metaverse allows for creative expression while the power of play has the ability to heal.

Revive is a clash of modern and revived styles from the '50s, '60s, '70 and '80s. Patterns are graphic, funky, wavy, checkered, pixellated and geometric."

My thoughts

I'm loving the fun colours in the Revive palette! This palette pairs wonderfully with whites, neutrals and timbers, where the colour can become a focal point in the space. Consider pairing this fun palette with geometric patterns, bold organic forms and oversized pieces. If you're not ready to go all out with colour on feature walls or large pieces of furniture, try using these colours in accessories like cushions, throws, lighting and decor, or in artwork. These tones can suit both a retro or a contemporary style home, to add a little excitement to your everyday.

Overall, my favourite palette is Connect, as I find myself leaning more towards warm and cosy interiors. However, I am excited to use bits of all these palettes in upcoming projects. If you're wanting to read more about how to use colour in your home or how to select paint colours, we have a few other blog posts that can help you out:

I hope this has been helpful for you! If you are planning to build or renovate and want to get in contact with us, you can do so by filling out the client contact questionnaire below,

Hope you have a wonderful week,

Nina xx

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