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Our favourite bathroom transformations (with before and after photos)

There is nothing quite like seeing the before and after images of a renovation project to understand how much work goes into these transformations. Even though we work on these designs ourselves, we are still often blown away seeing how much the spaces have improved through a layout change, some clever thinking and new finishes and fixtures. In this post, we are exploring some of our favourite bathroom transformations that we have designed over the past few years:


Construction: Hive Building Co.

Photography: Elise Scott

Bathroom renovation featuring grey tiles, green kit kat feature tiles, and a timber laminate vanity

This space, including it's size and layout, was to be redesigned due to the installation of a lift at the entrance of the home. The lift was to be located partly where the existing powder room was, which meant moving the powder room to be within the existing ensuite space. The clients did not want to include a bath within the space, which meant we were able to rework the space to include a generous double vanity, and a large double shower - making the space feel a lot more luxurious and a lot more functional for the client. The finishes were selected to feel cohesive throughout the home, using the same cabinetry finishes and tapware range as the kitchen. The soothing green tones used in the kitchen were present through the finger mosaic tiles on the back shower wall. We also selected to break up the wall tiles using a small format version of the main 600x600 tiles to add more texture and interest to the walls.


Construction: Edwards Renovations

Photography: Elise Scott

Bathroom renovation featuring grey floor tiles,  white subway wall tiles, and a timber vanity

The current design was very dated and not very practical, especially with the couple wanting to grow their family. Their main need was to remove the laundry from the bathroom and add a much needed bath - especially with it being the only bathroom in the home. With the laundry gone from the space, we changed the layout completely. Placing the freestanding bath within the shower space made the most sense in the narrow room, and allowed us to fit a generous sized vanity in the remaining space. The positioning of the tiles was carefully considered to help the bathroom feel larger than it is. The floor tile wraps slighting up onto the walls to visually extend the floor space while the vertically stacked subway tile above helps give the illusion of higher ceilings. We also removed the existing small window, opting for a larger window behind the bath, which floods the room with lovely natural light. A gloss finish was also selected for the subway tiles to help bounce this light around the space. The location of the window was also designed to line up with the darker tiles at the bottom of the window.


Construction: The Melbourne Chippy

Photography: Joel Noon

Bathroom renovation featuring grey floor tiles, green subway feature tiles, and a timber laminate laminate vanity

The brief for our Eltham ensuite was to create a fresh but timeless design that made the most out of the available space. Although the vanity, toilet and shower were kept in their existing locations, we made a few small changes that had a huge impact. By swapping to a frameless shower screen, this allowed us make the shower as large as possible without it feeling like it was overwhelming the space. We also replaced the window so that it finished a little higher, meaning that the vanity was able to become full depth, and together with the shaving cabinet, gave our clients plenty of storage. The toilet was also swapped to have an in-wall cistern, creating as much space as possible in front of the wall-to-wall vanity. Green was an obvious choice for our feature wall, with the home being situated in the green hills of Eltham - creating a lovely connection between inside and outside. Although the rest of the ensuite was kept quite neutral, natural textures and patterns allowed us to create a retreat atmosphere for our clients.


Construction: JKS Group

Architecture: Elements of Home

Photography: Kate Enno

Bathroom renovation featuring stone look tiles, herringbone feature tiles, and a freestanding bath

This space was originally the main bathroom in the home, however, with a new main bathroom included in the extension, this space was redesigned as an ensuite to the master bedroom. The aim was to design a relaxing heaven where the clients could go to unwind. With this in mind, the freestanding bath in front of a large window became the focal point for the space. Being in the original part of the home, the ensuite was designed to feel a little more classic to tie into the existing structural features. The bathrooms both feature large format stone-look tiles and a wall in herringbone white subway tiles. However, thanks to the ensuite's higher ceilings, this allowed us to do a double herringbone pattern to the feature wall instead. The vanity was also designed to feel a little more classic in this space, while still feeling cohesive with the more contemporary style vanity in the new bathroom.

We would love to know which of these transformations was your favourite!

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Hope you have a wonderful week,

Nina xx

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