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What happens during the design process?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Unless you work in the industry or you have renovated before, it is hard to know exactly what happens during the design process. A lot of people just think the design process involves looking at pretty finishes but there is actually a lot of paperwork, drawings and scheduling involved as well. Of course, different designers will have different steps and procedures, but today I wanted to share how we run a renovation project at YDM Design Studio. If you are planning to renovate and want to understand what is involved in turning your ideas into reality, then continue reading.

1 | Initial Consultation

I like to start all my projects with an initial meeting to discuss the scope of works, needs and wants, and your design style. If you are renovating an existing space, then we will also need to measure all the rooms at this stage. We will ask for you to fill out a questionnaire and send through any inspiration images that you have collected before the meeting so that we can make the most of this meeting.

2 | Concept Design

After our initial meeting, we put together a concept and start creating a picture of what your new spaces could look like. This includes a floorplan review to work out the best layout, suggesting finishes and deciding on the main features and focal point in each room. This then all goes into a document which we will present to you. Based on your feedback, we will adjust this as needed and start collecting samples of the different finishes to go into the spaces.

3 | Design Development

With the big picture confirmed in the concept stage, we can start focusing on the details. In this stage, we narrow down and select every material, finish and fixture to go into your new spaces, from tapware and appliances to skirting boards and architraves. This stage can take some time and often involves meetings at suppliers and lots of discussions about materials, finishes and joinery design. We also use 3D visualisation at this stage to ensure that you are happy with every space. At the end you receive a sample box of all your selected materials and finishes.

bathroom render design, arched mirror, timber vanity cabinetry joinery, herringbone floor tiles, natural stone benchtop

4 | Documentation

Now that we know exactly what your new spaces will look like, we will document this all for you. We will present you with a detailed Finishes Schedule which lists every material, finish and item to go into the home. We will also provide you with detailed drawings for your builder and trades, including floor plans, electrical plans, elevations and detailed joinery drawings.

5 | Construction

Once we are ready to go to site, we can liaise with your builder and trades to ensure all goes to plan and perform site inspections at key stages to monitor design intent.

6 | Photoshoot

Once your build is done, we do a final walk-through of the spaces and complete a photoshoot for our social media.

I hope that this has been helpful and given you an insight into what to expect when you hire a designer! If you would like to discuss how we can work together on your new build or renovation project, get in touch with us below!

Have wonderful week!

Nina xx

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