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PROJECT REVEAL: Brighton Full House Renovation

If you've been over on our Instagram page recently, you will have seen that we have been slowly releasing images of our recently completed Brighton project. This was a full house renovation with a large extension designed by Elements of Home and built by JKS Builders. We started the initial design process back in July 2021, and all of our early design work was completed amidst Melbourne's 6th lockdown. We were lucky to have zoom calls to be able to collaborate closely with both our clients and the architect to achieve a fantastic result. We are so happy with how this home turned out and we are so excited for our clients to enjoy their forever home.


We had a fantastic floorplan to start with, as Elements of Home had designed an impressive extension featuring an additional bedroom and bathroom as well as a large kitchen, living and dining area with high cathedral ceilings. The original home was about half the size of the final floorplan, being a small two bedroom and one bathroom home with an outdoor laundry and WC. While the front half of the home remained as existing structurally, we also transformed these spaces through a full bathroom renovation and new flooring, lighting, window furnishings and paint throughout.


Our clients had some initial ideas in terms of the layouts, joinery design and colours that they wanted which formed a great foundation for our design. We were able to built on the plans and elevations that the architect had created to design the spaces in line with the client's brief. Being a lover of colour, the initial design featured touches of orange to the new kitchen/living/dining and touches of teal to the front of the home. These colours were selected to suit the client's artwork and furniture that would be going within each space. While we kept the orange in the kitchen (and on the front door!), we later changed the teal vanities to a timber-look which added warmth and better tied into the rest of the home.

It was also important that the whole house had a great connection to the outdoors and let in plenty of natural light. We chose light colours with a neutral tone to let the feature colours shine and to make the spaces feel as bright as possible. While it was important to have one cohesive look throughout the home, we did make some minor changes to the existing rooms at the front to tie into the home's period features. We went a little more classic with our cabinetry style, doors, door furniture, and window furnishings - while still continuing with the same colours and finishes.


The finished home turned out an absolute dream. The cathedral ceilings feel so grand and the skylights highlight the surrounding trees beautifully. We are loving how large and practical the kitchen and pantry is, perfect for the clients who love entertaining their family and friends. The bathrooms are so luxurious and yet timeless - particularly the ensuite with the full height window in front of the freestanding bath! We have no doubt that our clients will be very happy here, check out what they have they had to say about working with us:

"I am fortunate that my Architect Rob Harris suggested Nina. Nina has held my hand through the entire process, always mindful that I was a novice and needed to understand certain practical elements of the building process to make the correct decisions.

It was a difficult process as we started in the middle of Covid-19 lockdown, so all contact was through the email and zoom. This did not prevent us from making some exceptional choices and completing our Schedule. Nina is professional, committed and very organised with great attention to detail skills, and I highly recommend you utilise all her skills – her rendering and 3D imagery is exceptional and a must for clear understanding of the outcomes you are trying to achieve.

Thanks so much Nina for your creative work and exceptional customer service."

- Tracy, Brighton Client

We hope you love our Brighton project as much as we do! Keep an eye out for more project reveals coming soon. If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your next project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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