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PROJECT REVEAL: Montmorency Whole House Renovation

If you've been over on our Instagram page recently, you will have seen that we have been releasing images of our completed Montmorency project. This was a whole house renovation, including the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, WC, ensuite and walk-in-robe. Builder James from The Melbourne Chippy introduced us to these wonderful clients to work with them to ensure that the new design perfectly suited their needs.


The existing home was in need a refresh and some structural changes to suit the client's needs. The kitchen was lacking storage and character, and the laundry had a lot of room for improvement. The wall separating the lounge from the kitchen/dining not only stopped us from being able to comfortably extend the kitchen further into the dining but also did not work for the open plan living that the clients wanted. The ensuite was a small space that did not feel welcoming at all, alongside the small walk-in-robe that felt cramped.


The first thing we worked on was a floorplan review - opening up the lounge to the living, turning the laundry into a pantry with a European Laundry and combining the ensuite and walk-in-robe, adding in a functional built-in-robe into the bedroom instead. The client had collected many inspiration images for us so once the floorplan was confirmed, the rest of the design came together very quickly. The design was approved with minimal changes, although a few more minor changes were made at ordering stage to change the tapware to a brushed nickel finish and the feature tiles to a green tone instead.


We are so happy with this home, and we are sure that the clients will have many wonderful memories here! The spaces have so much more character, and the home is a lot more practical for the client's lifestyle. Check out what our clients had to say about working with us:

"When we embarked on our extensive property renovation journey, finding the right designer was paramount. Thankfully, our builder The Melbourne Chippy recommended Nina from YDM Design to lead the way. From the outset, Nina impressed us with her meticulous approach and unwavering professionalism.

Nina seamlessly orchestrated the entire process, from our initial discussions to onsite meetings, ensuring every detail was captured in a shared document accessible to all involved. Despite the daunting task of envisioning the overall scope, Nina's guidance and ability to adapt made the process remarkably smooth.

Her pragmatic approach, meticulously documented, ensured clarity for all trades involved. With clear plans and materials outlined, deadlines were met, and our vision was brought to life seamlessly. Throughout the project, I found myself constantly referring to Nina's documentation, which proved invaluable in resolving any issues that arose.

Partnering with Nina was undoubtedly the best investment we made for our project. Her expertise not only met but exceeded our expectations, resulting in a renovation that surpassed our wildest dreams."

- Marina, Montmorency Client

We hope you love our Montmorency project as much as we do! Keep an eye out for more project reveals coming soon. If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your next project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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