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The best 5 rooms to add decorative wall lights in your home

When it comes the ambiance of your home, few elements have the power to transforming how we feel in a room quite like lighting. Wall lights are a perfect addition to any home as they not only add a decorative element in the space, but also create a soft light perfect for unwinding in the evening. We often don't want harsh overhead light for relaxing, watching TV or enjoying a book so it's important to have alternatives. While pendants and table/floor lamps can also do the same job, wall lights provide a cleaner look that is less intrusive, suits lower ceilings, has no cables and doesn't require a power point. There are 5 rooms in the home that we think are perfect for wall lights:

1 | Entry hallway

We love adding a wall light to the entry hallway as it serves multiple purposes. Firstly, they are they a wow factor as you and your guests walk into the home, making your entry feel more grand and special. They are also fantastic for leaving on in the evenings to help you navigate the space without needing to turn overhead lights on - particularly if you have bedrooms, the kitchen and/or a living room off this entry hallway. They are also great to leave on if you are coming home late, so you have a soft light to greet you as you return home.

2 | Bathroom

I have said it many times, and will say it many more - lighting is absolutely vital in a bathroom. Wall lights can play an important role in bathrooms in ensuring there is sufficient lighting at your vanity for applying make up and shaving. We love adding a wall light to both sides of the mirror to create even lighting on the face - however, it's important to ensure the light is not too bright or too dull. If you love having a relaxing bath after work, we also recommend adding a wall light near your bath so you can relax in a lovely soft glow without needing any harsh overhead lights on.

Custom ensuite renovation design in Eltham featuring green subway tiles, a timber vanity and gunmetal tapware
Eltham ensuite renovation project

3 | Bedroom

If you are not planning to move the bed or change the size, then swapping out bedside table lamps for wall lights could be a great way to add a feature to the room. Having wall lights also frees up space on your bedside table so that it looks cleaner and less cluttered (especially if you're like me and have a mountain of books, creams, earphones, and more that live there permanently!).

4 | Kitchen

Decorative lights are fantastic in the kitchen for the evening when you are not using the space but want to leave something on so that you can easily grab a snack or glass of water. Wall lights can also become a focal point in the space if the layout doesn't allow for a feature pendant. It's important to consider where the wall light will be located so that it has the desired impact. A popular spot for more traditional homes is above windows or shelving. For more contemporary kitchens, consider removing an area of overheads and adding your light there instead.

Custom kitchen renovation design, featuring 2pac navy cabinetry with shaker profile, natural stone benchtops and white subway tile splashback
Belgrave kitchen renovation project

5 | Lounge

The lounge is the perfect place for a wall light as it's a room conducive to relaxing and socializing - two scenarios where a softer light is preferred. Depending on the layout and furniture of the space, wall lights could go near shelving, around a fireplace, above a window seat, on either side of art or either side of a window.

I hope these ideas have been helpful! If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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