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Where is it worth splurging when building or renovating?

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Your home is often one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so when you are building or renovating it's important to work out where it is worth splurging and where it is worth saving. Unless you have a very large budget, making the most out of your budget means knowing what to prioritise.

Making decisions around what will bring in the most value in the long run is usually a smart move. This generally means focusing on making spaces as functional as possible and creating longevity. Whilst every project is unique and will have its own considerations, these are my top 5 things that I believe is worth splurging on:

Structural changes that will make spaces more usable

There isn't much point spending thousands of dollars renovating or building a space that is just not fit for purpose. Often structural changes like moving walls or doors, or even just rearranging how your bathroom is laid out, will make a huge difference to how the space functions. We believe this is so important, that we have a service specifically designed around this. If you are in the early stages of your new build or renovation project, and want some advice and suggestions on how to improve the layout of your home, our Floorplan Review Package may be just what you need!

High performance windows and skylights

Natural light can make a huge difference not just to how a space looks, but also to how we feel and function in the space. That's why we always try to add in natural light wherever possible, either through windows or skylights. However, it is also important to consider the thermal impact and energy efficiency of all new windows and skylights. We always recommend to select high performance glazing like double glazing or low-e options. And don't forget to allow for window furnishings and external shading in your budget - especially if it gets very hot or very cold where you live!

kitchen black and white modern minimal Caesarstone reconstituted stone benchtop, 2pac Dulux cabinetry joinery, stone splashback, black tapware, black sink

Quality appliances

Because quality appliances can eat up a large portion of your budget, I often find clients wanting to buy cheaper alternatives. However, I always recommend to spend some time researching into your appliances to ensure that you're not wasting money now on appliances that will need replacing much sooner than you expected. I always recommend to:

  • Read as many reviews as possible. Try to not just look at star ratings, but actually read the reviews to understand what people are saying about the product - sometimes a review is just a reflection of the delivery service or something else that's unrelated.

  • Research into the functions of the appliances to ensure they do exactly what you need and want them to do. Your appliances need to suit your lifestyle and preferences now and in the future.

  • See them in person if you can. This can be hard if you live far from the store (or if you are in lockdown like we have been here in Melbourne), but it is always beneficial to be able to touch and feel the products in person.

Custom joinery

Having your Kitchen, Laundry, and Bathroom joinery custom made can have many benefits. When we design custom joinery, we ensure to make the best use of the room so that no space is wasted. We also ensure that we are prioritising what is important for you and your family, now and into the future. This means that your new joinery will not only be practical and functional, but also supports your needs. Custom joinery also gives you a lot more freedom to select colours, materials and finishes that are in line with your style - so that you can create a space that you can continue to love for a long time!

Quality flooring

Like appliances and joinery, flooring is another big ticket item that you want to get right. Selecting a quality flooring product is especially important for high traffic areas like hallways, staircases and rooms where people gather. Another important consideration is the type of flooring that you use, as this will also have a big impact on how it wears. When selecting flooring, we suggest that you think about:

  • How the space will be used - will you or kids be sitting on the floor often?

  • What overall look and feel you want to create - light flooring will create a completely different feel to dark floors

  • What are you able and prepared to do on a regular basis to ensure the flooring stays nice and new - tiles and concrete floors are a lot more hard-wearing than timber flooring

If you are wanting to find out more about where you should splurge and where you should save in your own new build or renovation project, you can contact us through the link below:

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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