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PROJECT REVEAL: Beaumaris Full House Renovation

If you've been over on our Instagram page recently, you will have seen that we have been slowly releasing images of our recently completed Beaumaris project. This was a full house renovation in collaboration with Elements of Home and built by Hodson Building Group. We started the initial design process back in September 2021, but were unable to gain access into the home until settlement in November. The design and documentation process then took around 9 months to complete, including a number of revisions to get it just right. We are so happy with the final results and we are so excited for our clients to enjoy their lovely home.


While we had an architect on board to draw up some potential future extensions, the current renovation was quite simple. We made minor internal structural changes, working mostly within the existing layout. The home felt very dark and dated, having dark flooring throughout, wallpapered walls and cramped rooms that did not make the best use of the space available. Our main aim for the renovation was therefore to make the home feel much lighter, brighter and larger solely through the use the colours and finishes. It was also important to the client that the home did not feel very modern, as this would not suit her style and her lovely collection of vintage pieces. We decided therefore, to take some inspiration from the existing home with the new design, thus paying homage to original house.


My client was confident in what she liked once she saw it so the beginning stages of our design process were mostly about going out to suppliers together to collect ideas and samples. Once we were able to gain access into the home we also began working on layouts for each room to make the best use of the space, with the Laundry having the largest change. The existing Laundry was located just off the entry and was quite small with an outdoor toilet right next to it. By extending into the outdoor toilet, we were able to gain a lot more space as well as an outdoor access within the Laundry. The bathroom also had a layout change to greatly improve the space. We extended slightly into a hallway cupboard and gained enough space to relocate the shower next to the door and the bath into the previous shower space, allowing us to fit a much larger vanity. While we kept the Kitchen in the original layout, we redesigned the cabinetry to allow more space around the sink and cooking area, creating a much more functional flow. We also used the odd room shape to our advantage to be able to fit a banquette seat to create a breakfast nook.

Being a small home, we used the same finishes and fixtures throughout to create a cohesive feel. The main wall tiles, cabinetry, benchtop and paint colour selected are all soft and light to greatly brighten the rooms. In paying homage to the original home, we selected small square tiles with a lovely handmade feel to them, tapware in a similar (but a little more modern) style to the existing, and added small details to the cabinetry that would tie it all together.


The finished home turned out absolutely fantastic. It's such a huge transformation that it's hard to believe it's the same house! The home feels so light and spacious and is so much more practical and functional. We have no doubt that our clients will be very happy here, check out what they have they had to say about working with us:

"A major renovation was always high on my ‘not to do’ list. So when I found myself unintentionally facing one I knew I needed help. In Nina I found someone who could listen to our ideas and concerns. An excellent communicator, Nina was always enthusiastic and diplomatic. She helped us reimagine our house while respecting its heritage and incorporating little quirks that make it truly ours. Thank you, Nina."

- Hope, Beaumaris client

We hope you love our Beaumaris project as much as we do! Keep an eye out for more project reveals coming soon. If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your next project, get in contact with us below:

Have a wonderful week!

Nina xx

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